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Thread: Sort used car wheels Tips

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    Default Sort used car wheels Tips

    First, the brand. First look at models of the four tires are the same brand, brand consistency and if not at least to ensure that the front and rear, that the two front tires or two rear tires brand consistent brand consistency. If the four tires are four brands that you should take a good look.

    Second, the tread. Tread depth determines the original owner usage, tread wear, the more, the more shallow, which is the more miles indicate the number of vehicles in use. Basically tread wear four tires to be consistent. If there is a remaining three very new serious wear and tear. It would have to take a good look. It is basically a new piece after exchanged.

    Third, the spare tire. Many consumers at the time of purchase, often overlooked spare tire, which is actually wrong. When you meet a puncture and other accidents on the road when the spare tire is very important. First look at the spare tire pressure is normal, look there is not used. If so, then how to use the situation in general with a spare tire is going down for up to 30 kilometers. If you use too much, indicating that this is not a spare tire but was go for.

    Four wheels. As a major part of the supporting vehicle weight and provide heat to the tires, be sure to pay attention to. Mainly to see the hub surface is not worn or impact marks. If so, show the original owner at the time the car is not very careful, often rub the curb, causing damage to the hub, that further thought, the tires will not be good to go there, if the car has four wheels rub marks, while four new tires are new, then we recommend that you look at two for good!
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