HWK Repair Tools, download here

to use a clone is not good, a clone is a temporrary solution which can be destroyed any time or even can destroy your mobile phone, so i suggest to users always to use the original. In this way you support the coder and you help making the product better and you have always an up to date product. For those want buy original HWK, please visit www.sarasbox.com the only trusted source to buy HWK.

Since few members of HWK team are cheaters, is this release necessary!

HWK Updater V1.1
- Fix Self-destructed for Original and Trial HWK

The latest software installer for HWK you can download from here:

Here is a small tools for all the ones have TRIAL HWK, Raskalized HWK and self destructed HWK. Use it ONLY if you have TRIAL HWK or your original HWK is allready damaged (self destructed) and you resellers like cheater Odia, cheater Narry or cheater Gobi refuse to replace it.


- this software is free, do not ask for any updates
- use this software on your own risk
- we are not responsable for any damage caused at you box
- we have tested it on several boxes and for us works
- this is not a original SarasSoft/HWK Team software
- this soft does not work for shorted pins solution
- if you do not like this software, please do not use it

For all who have problem, read this post first: h**p://forums.phone-tools.cn/showpo...61&postcount=42

Credits goes to: Unisoft, MrPic and MrHaWeKa