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Thread: Secured Links and New Sub-forums for Android

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    Secure Links

    As you all have noticed already, the download links (3rd party file host) here at ipmart-forum are shown as "SECURED LINKS" instead of link address. This though creates confusion while selecting a mirror to download the files but has been brought into place for betterment of all of us, it keeps the link and forum secure. So, apologies for the inconvenience first off.

    Now, as users have difficulty selecting mirrors, it is suggested to all the UPLOADERS to put some sort of hint with the mirror of which site it actually is. e.g. zippy, mega, UL and so on.

    remember, its only a suggestion and is uploader's prerogative, and is to make mirror selection easier.

    for more info check this FAQ

    Android Navigation Sub-Forums

    3 New sub-forums have been created in Android. i.e. iGO, Sygic and Navigon.

    Threads related to these 3 were found in abundant so they merited a special section which now has been provided. Kindly make future posts related to these apps in newly created sub-forums, they are right under the parent Android Navigation Section.

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