903 - direct unlock (using testmode)

Sharp 3G Tool v2.1
- Support for V903SH-EU, V903SH-JP, V903SH-CH added
- Built in Testmode flash file when unlock. Flash test file
and unlock is automaticaly made on all V903SH acording with
phone selection (EU, JP or CH)
- Init GDFS command changed, no more dead 903 phones
To repair dead phones, just flash with right files:
Sharp_903_v102X_CHINA for Chinese phones (SX833)
Sharp_903_v1071_JAPAN for japan made phones

Flash files have been uploaded to Support Area:
- Sharp_903_v102X_CHINA.zip
- Sharp_903_v1071_JAPAN.zip
- Sharp_902_v140H_EURO_v2.zip
- Sharp_902_v166H_JAPAN.zip
- Sharp_802_v140M_EURO.zip

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