Ectaco.FlashCards.English.French.v1.17.S60.Symbian OS.Regged-EViLPDA
Ectaco.FlashCards.English.German.v1.17.S60.Symbian OS.Regged-EViLPDA
Ectaco.FlashCards.English.Italian.v1.17.S60.Symbia nOS.Regged-EViLPDA
Ectaco.FlashCards.English.Russian.v1.17.S60.Symbia nOS.Regged-EViLPDA
Ectaco.FlashCards.English.Spanish.v1.17.S60.Symbia nOS.Regged-EViLPDA
Ectaco.FlashCards.English.Swedish.v1.17.S60.Symbia nOS.Regged-EViLPDA

Learning new words comes easy with ECTACO FlashCards, they are especially made to run on your Mobile Phone! This application will help you memorize close to 7000 foreign words, and all you have to do is play. Now you can "chill" with your phone the smart way - you can even learn English and Russian Medical, Business, Law and Computer terms!