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    Forum Helpers & Forum Moderators - Recruiting

    mobinuke Forum has changed significantly over the past couple of years, just like all technology sites. The influx of new devices & OS keeps the sands shifting and as circumstances change, so do websites, their members & their staff. As such, recruitment is a necessary on-going process.

    To keep pace with this ebb & flow, we hold recruitment drives from time to time. However, we are always pleased to hear from established members who are keen to help out in areas of interest &/or knowledge. This may be just posting advice. It may be a wish to keep the forums clear of nonsense & general rubbish. It could be a desire to organise information so that members get to what they need to find easier. It could even be a dislike for Spam that is regularly disrupting your favourite Forum and spoiling the view.

    It isn't all about Spam Cops though.. first off, we need dedicated people that can interact with our members to resolve issues, discuss and troubleshoot, steer & redirect until problems are solved. Information is only as good as the accessibility so good organisational skills would be advantageous in locating, indexing & maintaining the best and most useful subjects.

    Forum Helpers & Forum Moderators are at the core of any forum and opportunities exist for individuals to make their mark and gain recognition for their devotion to particular devices, systems or subject matter. Primary focus should be to a given field of choice although we can accommodate multiple interests where appropriate. Several relatively new areas could use a guiding hand, and our members in all areas would benefit from the regular presence of 'approved' assistants.

    Are you Interested? Motivated? Knowledgeable? Ready? Willing? Able?

    Be warned: the rewards are minimal, the pay is non-existent & the workload widely fluctuating on a daily basis. However, if you are passionate about your chosen topic, believe you could make a real difference & want to share your experience & expertise with over 1½ million mobinuke Forum members, then you could be just what the Helper Team needs and who knows, maybe you have the potential to join the Moderator Team.

    Think you have what it takes? Can you spare a little of your on-line time to help someone each visit? Then you should get in touch!

    Drop a PM to Admin Khantastic or fonzi stating how you think you can Help this forum
    Only the Active forum members will be considered, so we advice you don't send in a PM if you are, for exapmle, joining in just today, it will be ignored anyway


    (originally written by yDdraigGoch)
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