Sygic: GPS Navigation 13.1.0b full

Shirker version

The pack contains the folder Sygic and the Sygic apk-13.1.0-full. I decided to put not the folder LoquendoTTS, for two reasons:
1) If you have already installed a version of Sygic,you can save the Loquendo folder and use it with the new version.
2) If you install the Sygic for the first time, may be discharged by "My Sygic" The voices that you want.

In the Maps folder, there aren't maps. Add the ones you need.

What to do:
Put the folder Sygic and the Sygic apk-full-13.1.0 (which you unrar preferably on pc) in sd or external sd or where you want, what you have to do, is install the apk and launch the software.
You will enter manually the maps in maps folder, before you install Sygic apk-full-13.1.0. The software will read easily even the ta.2012.03.

Anyone can use the pack.

What's new:
- Drag & Drop for simple route editing
- POI search is faster and smarter than ever
- Pedestrian mode with spoken instructions
- Sidebar for tablets, more info about your drive
- Off-road will track your movement and help you get back the way you came from
- 3D terrain enhanced with greater detail
- Improvements in Spoken Street Names (TTS)
- Danger zone warnings added in France
- Navigating to postal codes in UK now with house numbers
- Tweaks and improvements in Junction view
- Fix for Contacts on Ice Cream Sándwich

Sorry for my bad english, have fun..