- New option "Use hardware buttons":
Call button ("Green") - previous track
End call button ("Red") - next track
Camera button - duplicates the next track

Menu Button:
When pressed very briefly (less than 250ms) - button works as usual
Mean push (from 250ms to 550ms) - pause / play
Long press (more than 550ms) - resume / stop

Voice command button:
When pressed briefly - pause / play / resume
Long press - works as usual

- A long press on play/pause button on the toolbar will resume playback from the last position
- The volume level is saved when you exit the program
- Bug fixes
A gapless audio player for Symbian^3, recursively playing back file system folders, oriented on lossless compression and supporting the following formats: wav, lpcm, flac, ape/mac, mp3, ogg, aac and cue sheets.