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Thread: GLU Credits Hack

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    iPmart GLU Credits Hack

    GLU Credits Hack (rooted & non-rooted)

    Glu Mobile has recently changed its way of managing glu credits. Glu credits are now synced across all Glu Mobile games and the files are stored in SD card. By doing a little modification, we can get tons of Glu Credits for all Glu Mobile games!

    What's included:
    -Around 180000 Glu Credits

    1. Download gwallet.rar from here: gwallet.rar (just click on SKIP AD to continue the download)
    3. Extract the contents in your computer and you should find a folder named .gwallet.
    2. Copy into SD card.
    3. Using a file explorer, copy and overwrite the .gwallet folder in /sdcard/Android/data/
    6. You are done!

    **When you run out of Glu Credits, just repeat the steps above and the credits will be replenished again!

    Secured URL
    Secured URL
    Secured URL
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