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Thread: Tapatalk Xparent v2.2.2 Collection

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    iPmart Tapatalk Xparent v2.2.2 Collection

    Presenting: Xparent Tapatalk by B-boy™ and Droid DOES!! The Xparent Series of Tapatalk are stand-alone apps. They are not just themes and you do not need the stock Tapatalk installed to run these. The option in settings to change the theme style is just a link to the market app so that you can browse and find the color you like. Once installed, you use the Xparent Tapatalk color of choice to browse your favorite forums.There is a lot of code tweaks to get these versions working the way they do and they are 100% as functional as the stock Tapatalk, just themed out to match the color you like.

    App Screenshots:







    What's New:
    What's in this version:
    version 2.2.2:
    - Major image loading improvement
    - New image gallery
    - Background attachment download
    - Less crashes
    - Improved Android 4.1 support

    Download Links: (Note: All the .zip files are named different so maybe won't get taken down : ) )
    Tapatalk Xparent Collection(.zip):
    1.Sendspace: Secured URL
    صفحه نخست - آپلودسنتر موبایلستان2.: Secured URL
    3.Zippyshare: Secured URL

    4.Gamefront[A.k.A Filefront]: Secured URL

    I saw that some people wanted the red .apk so I decided to make a collection of 'em all : D
    Feel free to make more mirror links.
    Dropbox got deleted so added sendspace and filefront.
    Also added links by pictures to official app in google play.
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