Sprint today indicated that while most of its device plans for 2013 have been finalized, the company is still looking at several possibilities. First, it expects a new iPhone to debut at some point, but the Now Network isn't sure what role a new smartphone from Apple will play through 2013. Sprint also said that Motorola remains a question mark. Sprint spokesperson David Owens called Motorola a "straggler" and blamed its current state of limbo on Motorola's recent acquisition by Google. "Sprint is very interested in watching what happens with Motorola and Google over the next year," said Owens. "We're still waiting to see how it unfolds. What will Google do with Motorola? Now they're building out their roadmap. What does that look like for Sprint for 2013?" Last, Sprint indicated that it is eying the Linux-based platform from Samsung and Intel called Tizen. Sprint doesn't have solid plans to launch Tizen-based products, but its part of Sprint's roadmap moving into 2013. Sprint joined the Tizen Association earlier this year.

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