LCG Profmail v3.56 s60v3v5 s^3

[Updata 2/8/2012]

- Automatic synchronization of messages with mail server IMAP folders
- Browse attachments
- View, save, send a message
- HTML with images and hyperlinks
- Built-in File Explorer
- Push email instantly notified of new messages (using IMAP IDLE)
- Address book
- Signature
- Support for the mail server POP3 / IMAP / SMTP
- Write letters using T9 dictionary (if available on phone)
- Multiple email accounts
- Rules and filters allowing to download selective messages
- Open and browse Zip archives
- Support different character encoding Western, Cyrillic, Europe, and more
- Build-in image viewer for JPG, PNG and other popular formats
- For standard text, HTML and Word documents
- Optimized for GPRS
- Titled first, then downloadmessage bodies which you really want to see the schedule downloading message
- Sound notification

New V3.56:

Fixed incorrect error message in the sent folder