Audiowave 2 PLUS

Audiowave 2 PLUS is the ultimate music, podcast, and audiobook player for your phone.

Audiowave 2 PLUS is the advanced version of Audiowave 2 and now includes a EQUALISER so you can listen to your media just how you want too.

Features included are, revolutionary Quick List play(multi track select), skip to the next track by waving your hand over the Proximity sensor, editable Playlist, Resume Playback from previous stop point for podcasts, audiobooks, and folder play, Equaliser, and a Sleep timer.

An awesome feature is the ability to correct missing or partial ID3 tags, these are the metadata fields that hold the Artist, Album, and Song Name etc. If these are missing, most players don't know what to do with them and will insert your media in illogical or ridiculous places in your media list. Audiowave 2 PLUS has the intelligence built in to try to correct them as best as possible with the available data.

supplied by: Kryak