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Thread: Galaxy S 3 [UNOFFICIAL][AOKP Milesetone 6] Android Open Kang Project - I9300

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    Default Galaxy S 3 [UNOFFICIAL][AOKP Milesetone 6] Android Open Kang Project - I9300

    Galaxy S 3 [UNOFFICIAL][AOKP Milesetone 6] Android Open Kang Project - I9300

    ROM Developer:

    Feature List

    • Android 4.0.4
    • Unsecure boot.img (stock AOSP kernel)
    • Superuser & Busybox preinstalled
    • Deodexed
    • 180 Degree rotation
    • Built in performance/init.d configuration (Thanks Kejar & company)
    • CM Launcher/ Power Menu
    • CM Brightness slider
    • Custom color for anything in RC
    • Clock Color/Location: Right, Center, Disable
    • Battery Icon/ Color Picker: CircleMod, Bar, Text Only, Icon Only, Icon+Text or None
    • Battery Bar in Status Bar or Nav Bar, Bar Thickness, Charging animation
    • Nav Bar Transparency
    • Nav Bar Button Reorder: Back-Home-Search-Menu
    • Nav Bar Color Picker
    • Nav Bar Button Glow Duration: Off, Fast, Slow
    • Nav Bar: Long press to Search button
    • Nav Bar Hide on Lockscreen
    • Toggles in Pull Down Menu: Auto rotate, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Aiplane mode, Vibrate, Silent, Sync, Data, 4G, Tethering, Torch, Brightness
    • LCD Density (Careful with this)
    • Menu Button location: Right, Left, both, Remove
    • Menu Button Visability: Always show, Always show Invisible Icons
    • Lockscreen Style: Quad, Octo, Stock
    • Lockscreen SMS customizable shortcut
    • Lockscreen Horizontal Option
    • Performance Menu: (Use With Caution) Max/ Min CPU, Scaling Governor
    • Unlock Sceen with Legacy Menu Icon
    • Volume Key to Wake Screen
    • Volume Key to Skip Tracks
    • Long-press back button to kill process
    • Disable CRT off animation
    • LED pulse settings (time on/off)
    • ICS ringtones/notification sounds
    • Customize carrier text to whatever.
    • Power Menu options: Boot to recovery/ Boot loader, Reboot, Screenshot
    • Facebook contact sync integration (must wipe to get this)
    • Disable Boot animation
    • Keyboard: Volume keys act as a cursor while typing -- disable in keyboard options
    • Long press home for recent apps (thanks brucekey)

    AOKP I9300 Milestone 6 15-07-12
    • Latest AOKP Milestone 6 Update (Full AOKP M6 changelog Secured URL)
    • Latest upstream AOKP Changes
    • Fixed Video Playback
    • Fixed Call Issues
    • Enabled WebGL
    • Properly Initializing Camera FW Permissions (No More Camera Issues)
    • Reverted back to LF6 Blobs

    1. Copy Google Apps and AOKP ROM to your internal SD Card
    2. Enter Recovery
    3. Perform a Nandroid Backup
    4. Do a Wipe/Factory Reset (OPTIONAL: If already on F1 AOKP skip this step and only Wipe Cache and Dalvik-Cache Instead)
    5. Flash AOKP ROM
    6. Flash Google Apps
    7. Reboot your device!
    8. Voila!

    Latest Build:

    Latest Google Apps:Google Apps (29-04-12)

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