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Thread: Pacemaker!

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    Star Pacemaker!

    Pacemaker have now brought their award winning DJ software to the Blackberry Playbook, which enables owners of the tablet to unleash their inner DJ !

    The application, which is available to buy from the Blackberry App World, enables you to mix tracks on your Playbook. It has a whole of advanced DJ features which can all be controlled using the full touch-screen user-interface.

    The Pacemaker application has a whole host of features including support for Sratching, Looping, Reversing, Cross-fading, Beat Matching and much much more. One of the best features of the application is support for audio-split meaning you can listen to one track on your headphones and one on your speakers which is essential when mixing tracks !

    Give Rep+ And Say Thanks... This App Cost $19.99....

    Download: Secured URL

    MIRRORS Secured URL Secured URL Secured URL Secured URL Secured URL Secured URL
    Mediafire: Secured URL

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