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Thread: 360 Launcher V2.4 | addons-Calender•WiFi&3G traffic widgets• battery guard•360 guards

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    Thumbs up 360 Launcher V2.4 | addons-Calender•WiFi&3G traffic widgets• battery guard•360 guards

    REQUIRES ANDROID:2.1 and up

    About the launcher:360 Launcher
    Extremely Smooth <<< You won't find another launcher which is as smooth as this.
    Extremely Clear
    Just Amazing

    Features:(based on Version 2.3)
    • Download theme from its site
    • Download custom lockscreen from its site
    • Download wallpaper from its site
    • Quick launcher widget (power widget)
    • Built in clock widget
    • Built in power saving widget (more setting requires 360 Battery Guard)
    • Folder in Home screen
    • Folder in Launcher
    • Unlimited apps in a Folder
    • Built in lockscreen
    • Built quick system setting widget
    • Icon transition animation in Home screen
    • Icon transition animation in App Drawer
    • Hide application
    • Built in lockscreen with theme
    • Drawer and charts has iPhone remove jitter effect
    • Icon background
    • Transition animation in app drawer
    • Transition animation in home screen
    • Launcher has tab to Apps, Music, Pictures and Video.
    • Custom app in dockbar
    • 4 Theme clock widget available
    • Option to disable tab in app drawer
    • Option to choose between large or small icon size
    • Custom wallpaper in lockscreen
    • Quick launch widget
    • Flip Clock
    • Music player
    • Built in volume setting
    • Landscape mode
    • Custom grid size
    • Lock screen security
    • WiFi/3G Data widgets
    • Calender widget
    • Transparent status bar
    • White dot
    • Rename icon

    360 Battery Guard

    A simple, useful, smart battery guard to optimize your battery. It is something like juice defender, but it has more detail compare to juice defender. It is a freeware.

    About the 360 Battery Guard
    power widget
    power indicator on notification
    built in battery saver mode
    custom battery saver mode
    hardware battery usage detail (gyro sendor, etc)
    software battert usage detail
    let you to discover

    About 360 Guards
    • What happen if you lost your device
    • Anti-theft protection
    • Backup SMS / contact to its cloud
    • Block incoming call
    • Block spam message
    • Virus scanner with cloud killing features
    • Data/Traffic monitor with daily/ weekly/ monthly data limit notifier
    • One-click clear cache
    • One-click free memory
    • Check your available credit
    • Firewall
    • Floating widget for easy access
    • Battery saver optimization
    • One-click boost your device
    • Show system information, better, resolution, CPU, etc
    • Hardware testing including pixel test, SD memory, etc
    • Document management
    • File explorer

    360 launcher:[CODE] sult#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5xaWhvbzM2MC5sYXVuY2 hlciJd[/CODE]

    360 Guards: [CODE][/CODE]


    360 launcher: Secured URL


    360 guards: Secured URL
    360 battery guard: Secured URL
    360 calender widget: Secured URL
    360 weather clock: Secured URL

    thanx to melvinchng for translation
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