Noisette v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: With Noisette you can have a customizable and all-in-one sound machine on your Android device!

Noise Sound Music FUN!
With Noisette you can have a customizable and all-in-one sound machine on your Android device!
Enjoy and surprise your friends and family with 60 amazing sounds and 4 different modes:

PLAY mode
Make rhythms, sound sequences and funny noises with 7 fantastic sound packs:
- Classical Drum Kit
- Techno Drum Kit
- Animals
- Piano
- Guitar
- Synth
- Misc Sound Effects

Each sound pack contains 8 realistic and high quality sounds that you can play with your fingers and configure them as you want.
You can make loops, beats, change speed, and even play them sliding your fingers over the screen without tapping it!
You can also load any sound you have on your device to perform all the actions you want. Customize your soundboard and have the sounds you need at your fingertips!
You can record a sound from your device mic and use it in Noisette immediately.
Use the distortion bar to get amazing effects on the sounds you are playing!
You can record sound sequences and use them whenever you want to make creative compositions. Combine these recorded sound sequences with loops and the sounds you manually play and surprise your friends with your musical skills!

PITCH mode
You can have a musical scale with any sound you want! Choose a sound from a sound pack or any sound on your device and play the piano on the screen.
Configure the reference key and the amplitude of the scale to get different tones.
You can also record sound sequences in this mode!

RELAX mode
Have the fantastic experience of falling asleep with a relaxing sound like rain dropping, ocean waves splashing, wind blowing or jungle creatures making its sounds.
You can also choose any sound (relaxing or not) that you have on your device.
Select the time that you want the sound to play for, and have a relax and therapeutic moment.

Compete against others and discover who has better musical memory! Be prepared to replicate the sound sequence you hear and earn more points than the rest.
You can use any of the 7 sound packs to play a game with your friends and family.
Adjust the difficulty level as you want to get an even more challenging experience!
Get Noisette and enjoy your Android device like never before!

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