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Thread: 9mm HD v1.0

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    Star 9mm HD v1.0

    Just released in AppWorld; 9MM for BlackBerry PlayBook by GameLoft.
    Since every GameLoft release is great quality this one was downloading to my device minutes after I noticed it.
    It is the biggest game I’ve seen so far and it’s a 843MB(!) download, and oh boy, what a great game.
    This game is a shooter and you are playing in third person mode with very cool ‘special effects’ like you see in movies.
    These special effects look like Max Payne, FEAR and Matrix with the slow-motion, but this is really good being done by the game developers because combined with the sound it is some sort of rush they’ve created in the game.
    You play a character which is a cop who starts walking into the ghetto and must bust, interrogate and shoot the criminals, dealers and other figures during the game.



    - Give Me Thanks & REP...
    - Download Parts 1-6....
    - Use WinRAR To Unzip Part 1....
    - The "BAR" File Should Be Inside (843MB)...
    - Extract The File To A Specific Folder....
    - Sideload The BAR File To Your Playbook And Enjoy...
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