This Android 4.0.4 German OTA Leak version Multilanguage For Droid Razr.

To install the Leak, follow these steps:
- Download the Leak:Secured URL
- Download the 2.3.6 T-Mobile:Secured URL
- Reboot into Moto Recovery and perform a full wipe/ factory reset.

- Reboot DIRECTLY into Fastboot AP and flash the 2.3.6 T-Mobile Rom with RSD.

- root your device with motofail (you will find here in the forums).

- Download the voodoo OTA Rootkeeper from play store and install it.

- open rootkeeper and click on backup root, then click on temp. unroot

- extract the zip file from the ICS Leak zip archive, then put this file to the root of your sd-card

- reboot your device into Moto recovery.

- choose apply update from sd-card and choose the zip file, you've putted on the SDcard before.

- after installing the update and reboot, just goto rootkeeper and choose restore root

- now you got a rooted ICS.

I take no responsibility for your Phone if anything goes wrong.