Compatible with iOS 4 and 5
RushPlayer+ is different from RushPlayer which is on AppStore. RushPlayer+ uses private api to decode h264 encoded videos. which provides you flawless playback speed even with 1080p videos. It is much more powerful than RushPlayer, Thanks Apple
With Rushplayer+, you can experience stunning high-quality 720p 1080p videos in an extensive number of formats: RMVB WMV AVI MKV MP4 etc. Based on the team’s more-than-a-decade’s experience in audio and video optimization technique, Rushplayer embodies the advanced dual core decode technology, and can ensure you much better experience compared with other players of a similar type.
Thereafter, you can watch all high-definition videos directly on ios equipments with no need to decode them. The file management function makes it easy for you to create and edit your own multimedia playlist in ios equipments.
Since the publishment of the first edition, Rushplayer has fascinated users with its optimization level. Users have given numerous positive feedbacks on its smooth playing of high definition video in various formats which used to be limited to pc. Rushplayer is by far the best player on iphone and ipad to play videos in formats of RMVB WMV MP4 AVi, etc.
if you can't run rushplayer+ after installation, please send an email to for help
See larger Screenshots below

v 1.5.1
* fix bug for wifi transfer

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (read carefully!):
- Download and install RushPlayer+ original DEB from BigBoss repo or from the direct download link down here and respring
- Open RushPlayer+ app
- Tap on "Files", then on the top-right corner wheel
- Tap on "OK" button when the popup appears
- You should see the App ID to input into the keygen
- Open the keygen link
- Select "RushPlayer+ 1.x"
- Enter your App ID
- Generate your serial
- Input your generated serial into "Code" field

Secured URL
Secured URL

Secured URL