Private Beach Live Wallpaper v1.04

Requirements: Android OS 2.2 or higher
Overview: Your own private beach! Dynamic 24 hour live wallpaper!

Your own private beach! Dynamic 24 hour live wallpaper.

Total relaxation with your own private beach in this tropical paradise! Hypnotic tranquility as you watch the calm waves of the sea slowly move towards the beach where your two chairs are placed for the perfect view.

While the free version is beautiful and fully functional, most settings are locked. The full version is highly customizable and offers real time mode with seamless color transitions between all times of the day.

Based on the exceptional photo "Bahamas (Coco Cay)" by Ricardo Mangual.

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Contributors (flickr users):

Chairs & Sunshade: Ricardo Mangual
Palm leaves: Douglas Woods
Palm Trees: Nattu
Moon: Luis Argerich

Thanks everyone for the creative commons licenses!

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