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Thread: Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive

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    New Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive

    Item Information
    Version: 3.7.0
    Release: March 08, 2012
    File Size: 162 KB
    [CODE]Support: sup​port​@ale​fsof​​m[/CODE]

    Item Description
    Explore and manage your files in your SkyDrive account.
    Conveniently and easily manage your SkyDrive account. Easily download and upload your files from and to your SkyDrive account.

    *** Now support multiple SkyDrive accounts.

    - Downloads and uploads multiple files and nested folders in one batch.
    - Copy, move, rename files and folders.
    - Create new folders and albums.
    - View photos and videos thumbnails, so you know which files you want.
    - Access the folders and files shared by your friends.
    - View SkyDrive documents and folders in the browser (tap & hold an item and select View in browser).

    *** Authentication is done through the Microsoft's Live web site so we never know your email or password.

    *** SkyDrive SDK support the following files:
    - Documents (PDF, text , and Microsoft Office files)
    - Photos (common image file formats)
    - Videos (H.264 and Windows Media Video (.wmv))
    - Audio (downloading any audio file type, and uploading wav only, is supported)

    *** Please send us your support issues to our email or choose “Contact us” from the app menu.

    Secured URL
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