iVideoCamera - record video with effects on any phone (2G, 3G, 3GS) 1.5.1 iPhone touch

iVideoCamera lets any iPhone (2G,3G,3GS) record videos.
Now with tons of effects, this is best video app not only for older phones, but also for 3GS users!

We've got the most sharing options of any video app:
• Facebook
• SMS Link Sharing (experimental see notes)
• Twitter with TwitVid
• Email
• YouTube
• Camera Roll Export for trimming/editing
• Flickr Video
• Vimeo
• 12Seconds.tv

20 FREE Effects (4 are hidden 'easter egg' effects)

• Vintage Video, Heat Vision, Snow Globe, Breaking News,
• Infinite Zoom, Vintage Black & White, Night Vision, Scrolling Text,
• Spy Cam, Solarize, Water Reflect, Title Maker,
• Obama Vision, Sparkles, Soft Glow, Dancing Hearts
• (and 4 more that are hidden - hint: check the help section)

1x,2x and 4x Digital Zoom by double-clicking screen or using the toolbar button during recording.

Integrated video library lets you manage and keep track of saved videos. Every video is automatically saved

WiFi video sharing for over-the-air transfer to any computer with a web browser.

FTP video transfer using your favorite FTP client.

Landscape Recording in both orientations

* How to Pause Recording: Press the little arrow in the lower right-hand corner and recording will be paused while the FX pop-up is showing, click it again to un-pause.

2 Quality Modes:
High Quality gives 320x400 resolution, while Low Quality gives smaller file sizes for faster uploading.

3GS Users:
Now that this app has effects it's a great app for you too - don't think it's just for older phones, with the effects you will be amazed at the videos you can make.

What's new in Version 1.5.1
Version 1.5.1:
- facebook privacy upload fix
- FX packs all free now (thanks to everyone who supported us by buying the FX, we appreciate it, but decided they should be free )
- additional minor bug fixes

NOTES: The landscape playback of videos no longer works (we were using an undocumented feature to allow videos to playback in landscape mode) -- hopefully we will have it in the next update. Breaking News effect can sometime not display on first open -- just change orientation of your phone and it will display properly. Thanks!

What's New In Version 1.5
- Improved frame rate in both quality settings
- Facebook bug fixed (finally, sorry) plus posting video to status stream
- Lots of fun effects
- 1x,2x and 4x Digital Zoom by double-clicking screen
- Virtually unlimited recording at high res and low res.
- No more save time in high quality
- SMS link sharing (experimental)
- Twitvid added for twitter
- Help section
- Settings page

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