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    I made an application that i think can help you people who are still using uiq3 phone .
    This application is moving the date backward , starting Divx <red>(must be installed first!!)</red> and changing the date to current
    If you have any clock alarms they might be turned off during the "time travel"!!!
    If this app. crashes, then turn off Caps Switch... Read more
    This app. is made in Mshell, so you need to install the Mshell enviroment

    DivX starter:
    Secured URL

    DivX player:
    Secured URL

    mEnviroment(needed to run this app):
    Secured URL

    One Advice for converting your videos, use this SmartMovie converter
    1. Install the SmartMovie on phone
    2. Register it with any key
    3. Install the converter on PC
    4. Write the key from the converter in the SmartMovie on mobile Unlock Converter and press generate
    5. Write the generated code on pc SmartMovie converter
    6. Before converting, press the Codec: configure button and select DivX
    7. CONVERT!
    Secured URL

    Someone think that CorePlayer is better option for watching movies, but i dont think so. Play the same movie with CorePlayer and with DivX player and see the difference your self!!
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