Hello all

I have Iphone4 16GB, factory unlocked so it has no simlock.

I have iOS 5.0.1 with jailbreak right now, but i want to delete the JB, install original iOS 5.0.1 firmware and then rejailbreak it again but i have problems - iTunes wont let me reinstall original firmware. Im holding SHIFT and then choosing original firmware but i get error within iTunes. Do i have to start some TinyUmbrella server to do this or what ? I dont care about any baseband matters because i dont have a simlock but I really must install original firmware without Jailbreak. I have tried redsnow but it didnt deleted Cydia and Jailbreak.

Whats the easiest method of installin clean 5.0.1 firmware and then doing jailbreak again ?

Best regards from Poland!