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    BikeComputer Pro v1.24

    Requirements: Android O/S : 2.1+
    Overview: Cycle with an offline map, do jogging or any gps-based movement!

    BikeComputer Pro provides the possibility to cycle with an offline map, do jogging or any gps-based movement! Follow your position on the map and experience your driving values like speed, trip, average speed, elevation gain, distance to your home location, actual battery drain, and a lot of others ...

    Download pre-compiled map files with which you are able to track completely offline.
    Now also America, Asia and Australia added: Secured URL
    Contact me if you are missing your region!

    The Android built-in browser has problems downloading the file. For me works Opera mini or download it on your PC and move it to the SD-Card.

    When done, you can review your sessions and post them to Facebook, export as GPX or load them up to the workout management

    BikeComputer Pro extends the free version with the following functions:
    New: rotating map! The map will follow your direction and you will have the upcoming area always in view on top
    Plan your route! Touch the map on the points where you want to go and connect them to a route. BikeComputer PRO will calculate the distance, elevation and elevation profile for you and will save the route to follow it while riding
    Navigate home! When you explore a new area or are in holidays use this feature to get immediately a route calculated which leads you home
    Adjust the GPS sensitivity as you want, which means you can determine in which intervals the GPS values are refreshed
    Arrange and setup your session values as you want and the app remembers it
    Additional values as number of used satellites, accuracy of the GPS signal and the direction according to the
    GPS position
    import GPX tracks or POIs and follow the track of a friend on the map or visualize all campings of a certain area (see the example picture) depending on the content of your file.
    BikeComputer Pro of course comes without ads.
    Now also with App2SD
    You can import your sessions from the free version as well.
    The App is in english, german or italian! Other languages are about to come up!
    There is also a widget!
    If you change your phone, backup your session to sd-card and restore them on the new phone!

    What's in this version: (Updated : Apr 12, 2012)
    resolves an error in the distinction between phone/tablet
    if you are using the workout management BikeIDs are now flexible and unlimited

    More Info:

    Download Instructions:
    Secured URL

    Secured URL
    Secured URL

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