Compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5
This purchase includes ProTube HD! You don't need to pay twice!
for iPad users: ProTube HD
How Apple's YouTube app really should be.
ProTube is a complete YouTube application with tons of advantages over Apple's YouTube app. ProTube's interface is the mobile YouTube interface which already has many more possibilities than the YouTube app.
But ProTube makes it even better, this is what it offers:
* Do all the normal YouTube activities (comment, rate, share....)
* Completely control your account (view My Videos, Favorites, Inbox....)
* HD and SD video downloads (up to 1080p)
* High Quality (up to 256kB/s) mp3 downloads
* HD Streaming (and of course normal SD streaming)
* Completely manage saved videos (delete, rename, add to camera roll, send by email…)
* Saved videos are displayed in a beautiful interface showing size, date, length and a thumbnail
* Simultaneous downloads supported, each showing speed, progress, remaining time, total download size and downloaded bytes
* Most ads are blocked
* Watch vidoes as they download
* Watch blocked videos through the stream option
* AirPlay support
* 12 Languages!
* Much more!
See larger Screenshots below

v 1.6
* Awesome new look, completely redesigned Download Manager
* Full sharing feature for twitter, Email and SMS
* Insanely awesome swipe gesture to reveal the option bar, with cool animations
* Reload Cache is back for troubleshooting
* New 'Open In' feature for downloaded media
* Adapted for new URL loading mechanism of which fixes all the known bugs (video downloads will work again, back/forward arrows will enable again, URL will be displayed correctly)
* Overall smoother interface, and less memory usage
* Removed size limit from 'Send via Email' option
* Better download management, less errors, less processing time needed.
* Completely new Ad blocker, which is 10 times more intelligent and can't be bypassed!
* Other minor changes

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