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Thread: [TalvBansal] SymPaper [Read It Later Client] 3.3.4 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak

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    New [TalvBansal] SymPaper [Read It Later Client] 3.3.4 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak


    - Performance tweaks.
    - Now users have control over what content gets fetched by the app and also how many articles get fetched.
    - Search has been improved. The search mode can be toggled here with the options set to Search Article Titles or Search Article Content.
    - Independant control of list and article theme.
    - Image Preview.
    Sympaper now features finer control over font sizes in an article.
    - To better utilize the screen real estate, SymPaper now features a maximised reader mode.
    - Automatically Mark as Read option.
    - In list mode, SymPaper now brings a contextual long press menu for articles in the list.
    A Read It Later app for symbian smartphones, sync you Read It Later list to your phone for offline article reading, allows adding of items, sharing of links via facebook and twitter and filtering by read status.

    • Syncing your Read It Later list to your phone
    • Reading of articles offline
    • Adding new articles to list
    • Opening articles in the default browser
    • Marking items as read
    • Sharing Items via SMS, Email, Twitter & Facebook
    • Filter list view by read status

    supplied by: Kryak

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