This is dedicated to my fans again another good wave from me, for more info you can go to the android market and see couse i’m short with the time to put explenation for every single application (google is your friend)…too much work but this weekend i made another exception so enjoy it
1. 3D Compass Pro (AR Compass) v3.52
2. 3D Flip Clock & World Weather v0.65
3. aCircuit Board Live wallpaper v1.8.9
4. Anti-Virus Pro v2.10.1
5. App 2 SD Pro (move apps to SD) v2.44
6. App Cache Cleaner Pro v1.1
7. Audio Master Pro – Equalizer v2.0
8. Barcode Scanner v4.0
9. Battery Saver Pro v1.5.2
10. Beach Live Wallpaper 1.0 for Android
11. Better Terminal Emulator Pro v4.03
12. Birthdays v11.2
13. BMW 3D Logo Live Wallpaper v1.1
14. C4droid C and C++ compiler v3.23
15. CallRecorder by skvalex v1.1.8
16. Camera ZOOM FX v3.5.0
17. Cartoon Camera Pro_v1.0.1
18. Cube Theme 4 Go Launcher Ex v1.9
19. CyanX Lock – Lockscreen replacement v0.9.8.5
21. Documents To Go v3.004
22. Dolphin Browser™ HD v7.4.0 Full & License
23. DroidCloud – Pro v1.58
24. Easy Note + 2do Pro v1.0.0
25. Equalizer v3.1.4
26. Fing – Network Tools v1.28
27. Flashing droid Live Wallpaper
28. Flightradar24 Pro v3.0.1
29. Fluent English v1.35
30. Formulae Pro v3.7.2
31. FPse v0.11.14
32. Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots [one bonus game from my daughter ]
33. Gaia GPS (Topo Maps) v3.2.2
34. GO Keyboard v1.3.1
35. Gold clock Live wallpaper PRO v1.05
36. GPS Essentials Donation Plugin v1.0.1
37. Green Power Premium v6.2
38. Guitar Solo v1.44
39. Hacker’s Keyboard v1.32rc1
40. HD Caller ID Pro v1.1.7
41. HDR Camera v2.16
42. HQ Diamond Livewallpaper v1.64
43. iTap mobile RDP remote client v1.3.0.17626
44. J4T Multitrack Recorder v2.23
45. Kaiten Email v1.222
46. Lamborghini 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0
47. Locus Pro v2.0.2 & Addons
48. Lomo Camera v1.5.23
49. Lux Auto Brightness full v0.40.7
50. Mantano Reader Premium v2.0.1
51. Market Unlocker Pro v3.2.5.1 (Root)
52. Maxthon Android Web Browser v2.4.8
53. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser v11.0 Beta 5
54. Multi Mount SD-Card full v2.13
55. Notification Bubbles Donate v4.0
56. One Man With A Camera v1.5.24
57. Photaf Panorama Pro v3.0.9
58. PocketBand Uloops Pro v3.0.2
59. ProCapture v1.34
60. Quickest Camera v1.0.8
61. RealCalc Plus 1.7.3
62. ROM Manager Premium v5.0.0.6 Paid
63. Schedule Deluxe Plus v2.5
64. ScreenDim Full v1.09
65. Screenshot ER PRO v2.3.1
66. SECuRET SpyCam v1.9.1
67. Sketch Art v1.0
68. Smart Screen Off PRO v1.2
69. SPC – Music Sketchpad v1.8.2
70. Star Chart v2.20
71. TapeMachine Recorder v2.2.0
72. Tasker v1.2u2
73. The Pirate Bay Browser v1.10
74. Tilt-Shift Maker v2.2
75. TSF Shell 3D v1.2.0 & plugin
76. Ultimate Guitar Tabs v1.4.5
77. VLC Remote v2.40
78. Wallbase HD Wallpapers v1.9 & Pro key
79. Weather Services PRO v1.4.1
80. WhatsApp Messenger v2.7.4537
The torrent is in one rar package. The reason is very simple, to have a proper seeding and last more longer. An example is if is unpacked one person will download one app, second will download other app and so on…the person who will download only the application that he like after that he will not seed the other parts and the torrent very soon will die eventualy. So excuse me for that but is logic for me to be in one rar package so everybody can access and download faster.
Enjoy and don’t forget to SeeD

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