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Thread: Clock King v1.22

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    Default Clock King v1.22

    Clock King v1.22

    Requires OS 5 or higher

    Clock King supports multiple/unlimited alarms on your phone with mp3/wma/midi ring and jpeg/png picture background.
    You can set one alarm for waking up morning, one for noon nap, many for friends's birthdays,
    1. Supports many many alarms and each alarm has its own settings;
    2. Supports mp3/wma/midi music ring;
    3. Supports picture in SD card as background;
    4. Supports vibration;
    5. Supports colorful led flashing;
    6. The application DOESN'T run in background to avoid burden to your phone; Don't worry battery. Clock King is as efficient as Clock in your phone.
    7. Supports alarm even power down;
    8. Supports repeat type: once/minute/hour/day/week/weekdays/weekends/month/year;

    More info

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