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    Hi, folks! Oh, I really hope you'll be able to help out a fellow Symbian. I have Nokia N8 and it is a great phone... I have all the apps I want on it... I am just missing one about which I read something few months back... there was also youtube video... It is something related to mapping/navigation/city guide area. I don't know what it is called. Basically, it works this way; you take your nokia phone press the app to start working and then position the phone as if you want to take a picture of the street, town/city. then, as you look at the area in front of you through the camera and on your screen, it will mark significant places on the live view image. So, if you're in London and point towards the centre, it will show that there is London bridge, Parliament, blah, blah ,blah... and you don't even have to see these by yourself;you could be surrounded by 10 feet wall and it would still mark all these places as you turn the phone/yourself around. It also shows restaurants,cinema, all the places of interest... In the range of 25 miles, or kilometers, not sure which one. It is a great app, esp. for tourists... It is killing me that I can't remember the name of the app... It is Symbian, no doubt... Any ideas?
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