Google is looking at ways to make its Google Wallet product more appealing, according to Bloomberg. Citing sources familiar with Google's plans, Bloomberg reports that Google is considering a revenue-share concept in order to earn the support of AT&T and Verizon Wireless. As it stands, Google Wallet is officially only available in the U.S. through two handsets that operate on Sprint's network. Despite Sprint's claim that it will launch up to a dozen new Wallet-capable handsets this year, Google needs the support of more wireless network operators for the service to take off. AT&T and Verizon, (along with T-Mobile and Visa) however, are part of the Isis joint venture, which will also allow consumers to make mobile payments from NFC-equipped devices. If Google can't win over new carrier partners, Bloomberg also reports that it is considering circumventing those carriers and making the system work from the retail side. Verizon confirmed that it is holding a dialog with Google, and Google spokesperson Nate Tyler said, "We continue to work hard to develop Google Wallet and build the partner ecosystem to make it possible for everyone to pay with their phones and get great deals while shopping."

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