Hi i tried to update the software with latest pc suite on a N93 V (Reinstall) as it is the latest version, during the process it said the phone lost connection (it physically didnt) and it didnt reconnect by the suggested steps by pc suite (Disconnect battery, attach charger connect battery etc.). The phone didnt turn on, well only the cover display was on.
I downloaded JAF and firmware with Navifirm, when i tried to flash it with JAF it says:

I followed all the steps of the flashing guide by Khantastic
except the firmware i got with navifirm didnt have APE file
I checked Manual Flash, Dead USB,Normal Mode, Factory Set, Use Ini
Files set for flashing correct (MCU,PPM,CNT)
Init usb communication...
Searching for phone...Found
Error reading phone init data... and its stays there.

Any ideas welcome, and thanks in advance. Should I try other navifirm firmware? Maybe try with phoenix?