Corp-Mail Email v1.2.3
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Corporate Email.

Corporate Email

Based on Stock Android Email app, with improvements, including:

- *NEW* Full text search in Sender, Subject, and Message
- Full push-sync support
- Sub-folder syncing and hiding for Exchange-type accounts - Long-press folders to configure
- Customizable Account color
- Volume rocker navigation to previous/next message when viewing mail
- Select All messages
- Unread widget
- Return to folder list button in messages view (upper left)
- Option to confirm send/delete (setting specific to each account)
- Option to show only unread messages in combined inbox
- Option to show unread count for Account Inbox only or all folders
- Option to attach signature to replies and forwards
- Option to show messages from all folders in combined inbox or account Inboxes only.
- Combined inbox shows message parent folder in message list. Swipe left to enter that folder.

NOTE: If you have trouble trying to uninstall, check the Security menu in your phone settings, you may need to un-check the 'device administrator' for this app.

tags: corporate mail, exchange, activesync, push email, improved email, enhanced email, touchdown, k-9, corp email, corporate email, email

Recent changes:
V1.2.3 - Minor bug fixes
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Latest version: 1.2.3 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

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