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    Default Castle Warriors v1.1.1

    Castle Warriors v1.1.1
    Requirements: Tablet: 1.0.7 or higher
    Overview: As part of our “Welcome to PlayBook” promotion celebrating the BlackBerry PlayBook price drop, Castle Warriors is now available for just $0.99! Take to the battlefield for queen and country in Castle Warriors, an exciting real-time strategy game from developer GameResort!

    Once peacefully ruled over by her husband, Queen Mynera now finds her king fallen and her homeland threatened by foreign powers. You are the only hope for salvation in a fantasy world gripped by war. Lead armies against goblins, orcs, ogres, trolls and demons. You must take and defend castles, use superior strategy and tactical timing to claim victory.

    • 12 varied battlefields linked in one epic campaign
    • Intuitive touch controls give you full command over your troops
    • Three levels of difficulty provide just the right challenge
    • Upgrade your castles for new defenses

    Download more Union games with our “Welcome to PlayBook” promotion! To celebrate the BlackBerry PlayBook price drop, we’ve done the same for our games--Diversion, Psychoban, and Snuggle Truck available at new low prices!

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    Download Instructions:
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