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Thread: Brain Challenge 4: Breaking Limits (S60v3 EN) by Dedomil

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    Star Brain Challenge 4: Breaking Limits (S60v3 EN) by Dedomil

    Brain Challenge 4: Breaking Limits
    by Gmeloft

    Boost your brain to its limit! Stimulate both the left and the right sides of your brain with more exercises to deepen your training in the 5 famous Brain Challenge categories plus the new “Reaction” and unlockable “Special” categories. Push your self-development further than ever by analyzing your Emotional Quotient to get to know yourself better. Get the most customized training regimen and stay motivated with your Coach challenging you every day. Work out your brain as well as your soul!

    • Boost your self-development through the Brain test, Stress test & the new Emotional Quotient test.
    • Deepen your experience with 5 training categories plus the new “Reaction” & “Special” categories.
    • Work out your brain and your soul through 41 mini-games!
    • The most personalized training program available.
    • Numerous coaching tools to measure your progress.

    Supplied by dedomil
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