This is my first CFW for Nokia E5-00
Dedicated to all E5-00 lovers

E5-00 Extreme v2.00 based on E5-00 OFW v081.004

(many thanks to RohanAJoshi for his E5 Extreme 1.0 which decreased my CFW project workload by half. Also i'm grateful to Aftab_khatri for little helps)

~|Language|~: English only

(+-+)Major Changes(+-+)::::

*) Permanent H@ck (apply Installserver RP+ for installation and Op4all patch for accessing system folders)

*)Hindi and Arabic Languages in default Dictionary

*)16 themeFX integrated to ROM
(go to Rompatcher+ and apply respective patches then goto themes and turn off and ON theme effects)

*)Annoying Java permission disabled, goto application manager for setting accespoint and some others.

*)No SmS sending after flashing

....;;;;Apps integrated to ROM;;;;....

1.Rompatcher+ v3.1 with autostart(included some important patches like Call Beep Off patch,Big icon patch,Disable popup fader patch,FakeCPUclock,c2zbin,etc)

2.Coreplayer with beautiful skin
(u have to select the 1st FollowGUI in Options>Orientations for watching videos because the default orientation is upside down)




6.Data Quota

7.OpLogo Changer


9.Vuclip application


11.Handy Calculator
(register with ADGJMPTW-WTPMJGDA)


___**Themes integrated to ROM**___

1. Salamander [ArtXdeL]
2.Ice Rink(set as default)
4.BlackLeather s60_FGshah


_*_*_ MODES_*_*_

1.Theme Effect Changed To ON
2.Annoying Camera sound disabled(no need of turning-OFF warning tones)
3.Music Player only scans E: \Music\Mp3 directory
4.Audio Recording quality changed to High
5.The number of Save sent messages Changed to 999
6.Character Encoding Support changed to Full
7.Delivery Reports changed to ON
8.Changed Show call duration to ON
9.Changed Summary after call to ON
10.Font Size changed to small
11.Real Player volume changed to 100
12.Browser Cache moved to Memory card ie E drive
13.Camera will free RAM after Closing it quality increased
15.filemanager can send all types of file
16.FOTA disabled
18.Improved Heap size
19.cache optimisation
20.prodcast removed
21.resume broken download
22.5800 Audio Codecs added
23.SWI Policy Modified
24.Caller ID Display Name And Number
25.Improvement in CPU, Graphic, Gaming Improved valume and call volume changed to 80%
27.Memory Card Icon ON
28.WIFI more sensitive
29.improved video capture
30.writing speed is set to maximum


....;;;;Apps available in Z:\data\softwares\;;;;....

1.Boldbeast Recorder Adv v3.20
2.Font Router Build
3.FontRouter Man v1.06
4.Jarboom v2.00
5.JbakTaskMan v1.41
6.Joikuspot premium v.3.20(1188)
7.Killermobile Total Recall v5.1
8.Pft Clean v9.02
11.Siseditor v.80
12.Smartsettings v3.03(register with 12345)
13.Zntxhan v2.06

(all apps are in English)


Tools Needed for Flashing:

1.Secured URL

2.Secured URL
(pasword of RAR archieve is samnettt)


*) I have zero responsibility on any damage or complaint caused during or after flashing with this CFW.
Do it at your own risk.
All the best

*) Need ur feedback, suggestions and doubts.
You are my strength.

some screenshots here: