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Thread: Don't Panic (Mireo) for Android 4.20 *ONLY GREEK MAP HERE*

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    Default Don't Panic (Mireo) for Android 4.20 *ONLY GREEK MAP HERE*

    I 'm just reuploading the program with the 2011.02 Greek map as I have been asked and the previous topic got deleted. So here it goes.

    The best buy in navigation. By a mile.
    Mireo DON'T PANIC offers premium performance at a nice price, making it an exceptional value. Mireo's 4th generation flagship navigation software has a wealth of features including an advanced smart search, lightning-fast route calculation, foursquare integration and a simple, easy-to-use interface.
    Find your route. Instantly.
    Calculating a 1000 km trip can take other navigation apps up to a minute. We do it in under a second! Every time. Missed your highway exit? No problem. We'll reroute your trip and get you back on track in the blink of an eye. The Speed Limit Alert helps you avoid expensive fines and TMC Live Traffic (optional subscription service where available) reroutes you around accidents, roadworks and rush hour traffic.

    Intuitive and Fast Search
    Since most of us use a web browser on a daily basis, we've modeled our search engine to look and behave just like one. Our engineers have gone outside the box to create the smartest, fastest and easiest-to-use search engine available in any GPS navigation application. Your search results are displayed instantly.
    In-App Maps and App/Map Packages
    You can buy maps on a one-by-one basis, quickly and securely from inside the application itself. Important note: Maps purchased through the DON'T PANIC In-App store are one-time only. You can, however, buy any DON'T PANIC app/map package in your local Apple App Store, Android Market and Samsung Apps and you'll get free, unlimited updates of the base map!


    1. Unzip (no pass for the zip).
    2. Copy both the folder and the apk to the root of your sdcard.
    3. Install the apk in your phone with a file explorer.
    4. Enjoy.

    Version of the app. 4.20
    Version of the map. Greece 2011.02.

    Tested in my HTC desire with CM7.1.

    Please dont ask for newer version of either map or the app, as it hasn't been cracked yet (as far as I know).

    Download Link:

    Secured URL
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