LSCameraExtender 1.1

Requires iOS 5 or higher

Not for iPod touch or iPad

LSCameraExtender lets you organize the way you want the orientation lock and the mute of your device.
It allows first to choose if the hardware switch should set the orientation to locked or unlocked state or if it should, as normally, set the ringer muted or not.

The second feature of this tweak is an easier way to access to the action you haven't set to the switch. As if you were going in the switcher bar, a simple double click on the home button, but on the home screen, will show you the button corresponding to the feature the hardware switch doesn't act on.

You'll never hear again your phone ringing during a conference because the hardware switch set the mute off, but you'll still be able to set it on or off without unlocking your device.

No icons added to the home screen. Configure options from Settings app.

Recent Changes
-Initial Release

- New lockscreen camera button designed icon
- Improved memory management
- Improved settings explanations
- Flashlight toggle added

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