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Thread: Hipstamatic v252 ipa + complete addon 10HipstaPak & 3GoodPak & 6FreePak & 2SnapPak

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    Default Hipstamatic v252 ipa + complete addon 10HipstaPak & 3GoodPak & 6FreePak & 2SnapPak

    1. Uninstall all previous hipstamatic apps
    2. Download, unzip and install hipstamatic 251 ipa and addon from Secured URL
    3. I use iFunbox to browse to the directory.
    4. Replace the folder Application Support over here /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/
    5. Replace com.syntheticcorp.hipstamatic.plist over here /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/Preferences
    6. Respring and you should get ten HipstaPak, three GoodPak, six FreePak and two SnapPak

    01 Willamsburg Starter Hipstapak
    02 The Portland Hipstapak
    03 Shibuya Hipstapak
    04 Camden Hipstapak
    05 Mission Hipstapak
    06 Soho Hipstapak
    07 Bondi HipstaPak
    08 Wicker Park HipstaPak
    09 Nashville Hipstapak
    10 America HipstaPak

    01 Dali Museum Goodpak
    02 Levi's Photo Workshop Holiday Goodpak
    03 We Heart Boobies GoodPak

    01 Mac & Milk Fashion FreePak
    02 SXSW FreePak
    03 NSW Always On NikeJune FreePak
    04 NSW Always On NikeJuly FreePak
    05 Cowboys & Aliens FreePak
    06 Made in America FreePak

    01 Foodie SnapPak
    02 Groupie SnapPak

    What's new in Version 252
    ★ New PopTone CasePak – five colorful new cases to help organize your favorites
    ★ Back from the HipstaVault: the Wicker Park HipstaPak is now available again, for this weekend only! Get the amazing Jolly Rainbo Flash and shoot great low-light shots!

    - Fixes a critical memory leak causing numerous crashes
    - Other bug fixes and stability improvements
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