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Thread: Thread Unapproved ( moderated threads )

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    Default Thread Unapproved ( moderated threads )

    iPmart® Forum Administrators have enhanced the 'moderated thread' function to place responsibility for poor quality threads firmly in the hands of the 'thread creator' & to free members of our Moderator Team from any perceived obligation to rectify these issues of compliance, in accordance with Forum Rules

    The regular function simply hides 'moderated' threads from view of all members, except Staff, until reviewed & approved by a Moderator Team member or Administrator. We have changed this to now permit the 'thread creator' to view & EDIT, making required changes within a nominal time as required.

    A Private Message will be sent to advise of problems with 'moderated' threads & failure to fix will result in deletion of threads without need for further notification.

    Common problems that may cause threads to be 'moderated' (unapproved) are:

    • poor screenshots
    • no screenshots
    • advert screenshots
    • poor description
    • no decription
    • not enough download links
    • advert URLs
    • other fault

    We wish to place emphasis on quality, not quantity, so please ensure all threads are of a standard as required by Forum Rules. Habitual or continued disregard may incur penalties.

    iPmart® Forum Administrators
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