MobileController Pro 2.0 for Windows Mobile

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Real-time Control and Display Synchronized phone screen, mouse is a touchpen, PC keyboard is equal to that of the mobile Allows multiple connection methods As well as ActiveSync, you can connect a mobile device through TCP/IP, such as Wifi, 3G and etc SMS Service Send messages by desktop. Pick up the contact simply. Pop-up reminder for new messages Virtual Webcam There is a virtual webcam on the desktop. It is synchronized with the phone screen and can be useful for distance teaching and video chat! System Information Display Display operation system version, screen resolution, color depth, physical memory, disk space and battery status, etc Task Management Display internal processing, foreground applications state and kill or activate the process Presentation Tools Selection of skins, remote operational experience, three –direction screen support, enlargement or reduction of screen, switchable background images, everything makes you convenient to operate Drawing Tools Graphic marks is to mark some area of the screen. Support for color selection and eight tools of curve, line, circle, filled circle, ellipse, filled ellipse, rectangle, filled rectangle Mobile Device Reset Soft and hard reset mode for the mobile device. Please note that hard reset will restore a mobile device to its original factory default settings Clipboard Synchronization Synchronize PC clipboard with the mobile device by setting. Support Unicode format Screen Capture Capture the device screen and save to clipboard in JPG, BMP, PCX or PNG format, with or without graphic marks and skin Screen Printing Print the mobile screen images with or without skins and marks. Support preview and printer settings Intelligent Photo-Transmission Use “My Pictures” as the default folder to save photos. Adjust picture size automatically based on the phone screen with smallest memory and best quality CAB Installation Run CAB setup selecting by a dialog or dragging CAB into the window Contact Management You can manage your contacts information with MobileController2.00 immediately. Call Record Management Send a new text message to your recent contacts is available with MobileController2.00. And you can backup call records. Backup and Restore You can choose messages, contacts or call records to backup or restore. Simulate Keys Mobile Controller owns several simulate keys, like left and right function key, homepage key, etc.