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Thread: [TUT]How to Port Original Samsung keyboard from stock Rom to Custom Roms.

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    New [TUT]How to Port Original Samsung keyboard from stock Rom to Custom Roms.

    This tutorial show you how to port stock sam keyboard to a custom rom.

    Spent 4 days in learning and testing and now its working on carbon for me. file is flashable.

    you need these files and folders ... take from your stock rom odin flashable file: (use magicIso or UltraIso)
    - T9DB folder (from csc.rfs file)
    - AxT9IME.apk and AxT9IME.odex (from system.rfs file in app folder)
    - touchwiz.xml (from system.rfs file in etc->permissions folder)
    - and (from system.rfs file in lib folder)

    first deodex your AxT9IME.apk (see post #2)
    make a flashable zip file and put stock files like this: (or use attachment zip file and delet my files and put your files.)

    - T9DB folder in: yourzip/system/
    - touchwiz.xml in: yourzip/system/etc/permissions
    - and in: yourzip/system/lib
    - deodex AxT9IME.apk in: yourzip/system/app

    move zip file to SDcard and reboot to recovery(CWR) and select "install zip from SD". after install go to advanced menu and wipe dalvik cache.
    finish! now reboot and use Samsung keyboard with your language.

    # if your rom is odex go to system/app with root explorer, find AxT9IME.apk and AxT9IME.odex and add ".bak" to end of two files then reboot to recovery.#

    Asian rom keyboard extracted from S5830DDKQ6 INDIA with this languages:

    English(US)-English(UK)-France-polski-Korean-deutsch-espanolitaliano and many more (all rom have english and Korean)

    Note : Before flashing got to system/app and rename your old keyboard and add .bak in the end of its name.
    for example : if old keyboard is latin.apk and latin.odex then rename to latin.apk.bak and latin.odex.bak.
    thats all now go into recovery

    1. clear dalvik cache.

    2. install my zip.

    3. reboot enjoy samsung keyboard.

    Download :

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    Secured URL
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