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Thread: SmartSIS v2.30(1) s60v3 s60v5 S^3 Eng by Shankru (sis/sisx editor)

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    Default SmartSIS v2.30(1) s60v3 s60v5 S^3 Eng by Shankru (sis/sisx editor)

    SmartSIS v2.30(1) s60v3/s60v5/s^3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned EN translated by Shankru(Update 13/01/2012)

    SmartSIS Version: 2.30 (1)
    Author: Smart4n
    Language: English
    Compatibility: S60v3 v5 s^3
    Condition: Free
    Translation: Shankru.

    Update SmartSIS v2.30 (1) on 13/01/2012.
    Program for work with SIS package, continued development of the project from DONG_ (China). version number is not changed.

    -- Packaging in the SIS package

    -- Unpacking SIS packages

    -- Signed certificates (devcert or self-signed) and designing of existing SIS-package

    -- Creating a full-fledged application with the icon in the menu of Python script

    -- Working with MIF files - unpacking/packaging one file, creates SVG and converts to MIF.
    New in version 2.30(1):

    1) Make up working directory is deleted,package is generated when the default directory PY

    2) Call appuifw2 module program to help increase ease of reading.

    3) some minor changes.

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