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Im new to ipmart obviously and from what i see in this request forum so are 90% of the users in here.. I have no clue how to do what your asking.. You seem to be quite the vet though not being rude just wondering why you havent done what your asking us to do ? kinda confused all together lol
I presume this is directed to me? if so, answer follows... if not.. my apologies.

To answer the question as to why I haven't done this.. simplest is.. I don't have a Playbook. Add to this, of the 3 BB_OS Mods, 1 is removed due to absence, 1 transferred to Android device & 1 is MIA, presumed having a good time. Like most of the Moderator Team, I am no BB_OS specialist, so we can only apply General Forum Rules until such times as one appears & can work more closely with the PB Community.

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If everyone is just requesting apps and games how are we suppose to find the answers ?? so far ill i see is requests , where are the answers posted ?? Going thru pages and pages of requests is not real efficient. Ill post what i have installed and working on mine and people can reply i guess to request them or should i just post links to the downloads ? im confused.
Excellent question.. I'll be +Repping you up as soon as I finish this epic tome ...

OK. I'm not 'bitch-slapping' or putting anyone from PB Forum down.. but I feel I need to go right back to Basix here ..

2 things make a Forum Zone work.
  1. Members
  2. Content

Members we got. Thousands of them

So Content is the issue. We ask that games/apps are posted in such a way that members can access them from here and share information/feedback/knowledge about them here. If ppl just come here, get handed a link to a list and only come back when a URL dies.. how do our members find out about playability, compatibility, resolve installation problems, ask questions or even hit the Rep button to say Thanks ( just posting thank you is spam IMO.. always give some feedback about the app/game! ).

Take a look in Playbook Apps & Playbook Games.. some excellent threads started by iSin & others, although it seems to be many views/little rep.. ( clearly the leech is strong within you, young Jedi! all to common these days, unfortunately ) Still need to increase the use of mass-mirrors for sharing/caring though...

Ideally, apps/games are posted as stated previously.. anyone posting Requests should be directed to the appropriate Thread OR if app/game is not here & you have it.. make a new Thread for it THEN direct them to it. Hiding it away in the Request thread for 1 or two ppl is ludicrous; it's a wasted opportunity to share with all of your community.

This way, we get a sharing circle
  1. Thread count grows =
  2. App/Game availability grows =
  3. Feedback/User Experience grows =
  4. Reputation grows (hopefully) =
  5. Inclination to make new Threads grows =
  6. BACK TO 1.

Honestly, if everything takes place in just 1 or two thread, it's not just a mess but
no-one can find anything
reposting gets out of hand
flaming starts due to 'why don't you Search' fever...

A useful feature of Thread creation is TAGS.. adding useful tags makes Search more efficient
Use words from app name ( Angry, Birds, Angry Birds )
Use Software Dev (Gameloft, Rovio, Epic)
Use app descriptors (platform, movie player, audio)

If BB_PB stays in the 2 Request threads then it serves little purpose to the members and eventually gets downgraded to a 'minor product', shoved in the corner of the iPmart® Forum basement.. Please don't let that happen...

It maybe sounds like we want the moon on a stick to some people, but trust me... it isn't all that difficult to start a thread, add an image and add a couple useful tag words..... and uploading to a mass-mirror site takes just as long as a single Host but you get all those other download links to tickle the fancy of a members preference..

I'll leave this thread open for comments.. but remember: 1 man's comments are another man's insults.. troll/flame at you own peril