Hey guys
I Own the Sybian 60 3rd Edition Nokia 6220c and wanted to install the Garmin XT app

I followed the Sticky, novice guide (several times) to install Garmin XT for the first time . I downloaded the 5.00.60 Garmin XT standalone EN/ GR package , I then copied all the files to the root of the SD card . I then installed Garmin , using the SiS file to the phone .

On a side note : I had to delete the gmsup.ini file in E:\garmin\Apps , in order to get the app to launch , otherwise the app would hang !!

Once I got the app to launch , I navigated to the "About" window within the XT app , However I could not find the Unlock ESN or Unit ID . Instead of the ESN I got the following:
Card ID : 261724XXXX

I then assumed the Card ID was what was needed for the Garmin key generator . I then used the Key generator (given in the TUT link) ,
I typed in the Card ID, then generated the software unlock code ,as per the TUT (tutorial) .
Then I made a Copy of this code , on notepad and saved to a new.txt file.
Then I saved Renamed the .txt file to sw.unl ( but was still a txt file , though without a txt extension )
I then Put the sw.unl file inside Garmin folder (on phone micro SD card) and restarted the Garmin XT app on the phone

So I got this far after some hours of trial and error , (though at least it does fire up ).

Though the main issue now is the App/ software is not 'talking' with the Inbuilt GPS hardware . In other words when searching for a GPS , nothing is found - even though the phone does have GPS technology/hardware

So why isn't the Garmin Software App talking with the GPS receiver ? The GPS works with other software and the Tutorial's suggest the Garmin XT App should now 'recognise' the inbuilt GPS . Though this has not been the case for me

I am suspicisous of the Unlock /txt file that supposed to be in the garmin folder ..........
I did rename the txt file to sw.unl , though the App seems to be locked , as I am presented with the "Purchase & Go , Begin free trial , Enter Product Key & connect to garmin GPS " Options . And as mentioned above , the software isn't talking with the GPS hardware .

Have I done something wrong? Is there anything I need to do to the phone beforehand ?