Mobihan v2.05 s60v3 s60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Eng translated by Shankru

Mobihan - Modified clone software of Zntxhan v 2.00 (5) of 2.06.2010

Developer: ZntxPDA,
with automatic installation on drive C.
Mod Author: Carson (modification date 5.01.2012).
Translator: Shankru
Date of Share: 09.01.2012.
Platform:For the program needs Python, I recommend - Super Python-[EC] v 2.06 (0).Place on a hacked smartphone, (the file is notsigned).
Program is free.
RAM consumption in the standby mode of action - 2 MB.
Purpose: Editing and translation files. Exe,. App,. Class,. Dll,. Db,. Py,. Pyc,. Pyd,. Rsc.Supported by the unpacking and packing. Exe,. App,. Pyd,. Dll files are auto-(decompress) package, provided method of backup changed files, as well as entry into a text file.

New features:

1) Improvements stated to work with databases, removed an online translator (you may use a third party).
2) Application under test, while there are features in works.