-Digital clock
-Different styles and colors
-Ability to force screen to stay on indefenitely or let the pre sleep
-12/24 Hour mode -Colon blinking. Either colon, one colon, both colons, or no blinking.
-Clock brightness setting
-Background Contrast
-Vertical and Horizontal support
-Pre and Pixi compatible (Pixi is locked to one clock face theme)
-Alarming Functionality
-Multiple dynamic alarms
-Customizable alarm names
-Ability for the program to autostart on alarm if its not running
-Individual alarm Snooze time. Settable from 1-30 minutes
-Re-occuring alarms or a single one-time alarm by date
-Ability to set any combination of days of week for a re-occuring alarm. Can also be set by "Weekends", "Weekdays", or "Daily".
-Custom alarm sounds. Pick your own sound.
-Choose a ringtone as an alarm sound
-Individual alarm vibrate/sound settings
-Ability to set the number of time an alarm sound plays
-Pandora as alarm sound
-Flashlight mode
-Next alarm and current alarm alarming title notifications
-Snooze mode is optional
-Ability to remove many clock face elements (i.e. date, menu, etc)
-Multiple Snoozing
-Ability to force screen orientation

Changelog - 0.3.0

Fixes disappearing alarms some users were experiencing

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