AFL: Gold Edition
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INTENSE AFL ACTION- The ultimate iPhone & iPad AFL experience!

Live all the emotion and adrenaline with the AFL Gold Edition, brought to you by Tru Blu Entertainment and Wicked Witch Software – Featuring Quick Match, Custom Match, Career Manager & Competition Modes.

Dominate the field in one of the most advanced and feature-packed AFL apps ever made; a game that’s so involved you can almost smell the sweat of being in the action!

Realism takes over as you’re propelled into the on-field game play through advanced graphics, animations and sound. Take to the field with a selection of 4 different leagues and over 50 teams, including unlockable BONUS teams. With so many customisable options, you’re on your way to playing your ultimate AFL game, just the way you like it.

The best way to throw yourself into the action. For a quick fix of some AFL fever – choose your teams and immerse yourself in some fast paced gaming as you battle it out on field!

Create your favourite games of AFL – customise game length, weather, time of day, stadium, crowd, geurnsey and other conditions for your ideal AFL match!

Don’t just use your skill, but use your strategy too! Begin your career playing in the TAC Cup and managing the team. Work your way up through the VFL and into the AFL league and premiership glory! You will need to coach your team through training, handle any injuries and the tribunal if they come your way. Step into your management shoes as you control staffing, finances, contracts, sponsorships, draft picks, 2 and 3 way trades and much, much more!

Play for hours as your favorite team and annihilate the opposition on your quest to win the competitions! Play in any of the 4 leagues for up to one year with a variety of options! Competition features include the team line up, fixtures, ladder and player stats.

Features full 3D player creator, stadia, goals, ball and players with motion captured animations that create impressive and realistic visuals. Combined with stylish camera transitions and smooth effects you will be catapulted right into the action!


✔An incredibly realistic AFL experience with quality graphics & sound
✔Multiple game modes:
-- Enjoy Quick Match, Custom Match, Career Manager and Competition Mode
✔Multiple game settings:
-- Customise weather conditions, crowd size, slow motion, sound effects and more to your personal preferences!
✔Over 50 licensed teams from the AFL, VFL, TAC Cup, and under 18’s competitions, plus 8 unlockable bonus teams to choose from
✔Expert commentary by Dennis Cometti and Brian Taylor
✔Player creator and multiple game profiles
✔Gameplay features:
--Mini Contests, specky’s, smothers, handballs, kicks, evade, hip and shoulder and tackles
✔Ten year Career Manager Mode
✔Broadcast style presentation
✔Great music and authentic club songs, full range of sound effects
✔Customise Players & Teams
✔Achievements- Challenge yourself and unlock bonus teams and guernseys
✔Play in ‘Big Head Mode’ – unlockable feature
✔Impact zoom – see your best moments close up
✔Develop your skills on ‘Easy’, or challenge yourself in ‘Legend’ mode
✔Easy to learn, difficult to master, incredibly addictive!
✔A selection of true to life 3D stadiums from around Australia
✔Factor in real-life changing wind modelling conditions in your game play
✔Fully animated 3D motion captured players
✔Dynamic camera angles
✔Intuitive virtual controls

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