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    Default Find a way jose (full)

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    A sliding-block puzzle game to re-unite a drunkard Mexican with his long-lost Tequila

    José wakes up one morning, to find his tequila is gone. This dude is willing to do whatever it takes to get his drink back, and it's not gonna be easy!

    "Find a Way, José" is a challenging sliding-block puzzle game, full of surprises and tricks. It will gradually get harder as you progress to solve it's riddles and puzzles.


    - An engaging sliding-block puzzle game
    - Addictive gameplay
    - 6 Originally crafted themes
    - A dynamic user-interface reflecting player's progress
    - A brilliant touch interface sliding mechanism
    - 60 Mind-blowing levels that will keep you playing and playing for days
    - Free Levels and Themes Updates
    - Originally composed background music for each theme
    - José will cheer, sing and cry throughout the game, depending on player's progress
    - Supports these 7 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish

    Help José solve all 60 puzzles on his way to the Tequila, and get 300 Achievement Stars to reveal the mysterious game ending!

    Warning: This game is extremely addictive! Play responsibly.

    Patent Pending. Copyrights protected under U.S. Patent Law

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